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Austin’s vibrant fashion scene is growing, and local designers are popping up everywhere with new creations. Now, one eco-minded designer is launching a styling company with the vision to give back to the Austin community while providing men and women the ability to define their personal style by giving them the freedom to experiment with design and fashion in simple ways.

Before Stylist Casie Stoltz, a native of Illinois, moved to Austin several years ago, her life was a dreamy as the looks she creates for busy professionals. She has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces since she was eight years old and, during her early career, was in constant motion, flitting between Scotland, London, and the US, attending college, and working on her line Jersey Bean (named after her beloved bunny rabbit) while collecting unique vintage pieces, such as Chanel chains or feathers from all over the world, along the way.

Since moving to Austin, Stoltz has been inspired by the diversity of the city and is focusing on men for her new venture. “I feel that there are not many places in town where men can go and make lasting relationships with a stylist and be able to have someone that knows what there needs are as far as sizes or unique style,” Stoltz says. “Men shop much differently than women; their focus is to be in and out and get what they need.” Of course, Stoltz still loves to push people out of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion, and that’s just what her clients love about her.

The look of Jersey Bean Designs is multi-faceted and exciting, incorporating fun styles and inventive techniques with an attention to details and a desire for creative, rare, and inspired pieces. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the next step for Stoltz, with the official launch of Raven Styling, will be the branding of her two new lines—JBD for men and Little Jersey Bean for children, which was born as friends continued to ask her to craft unique pieces as gifts for their kids.

Stoltz practices everything she preaches. “The first time I was able to give back to charity was when a friend was in need for her non-profit and I was able to make a difference by just simply throwing her a jewelry party.” Stoltz has been determined to give back to the community ever since. “It’s not always easy, when stores open left and right that mass-produce jewelry and copy designer items for the fraction of a price,” she says and smiles. “But I persevere and focus on making a difference in our community, because it all comes back, tenfold.”

To learn more about Casie Stoltz and Raven Styling, please visit her site at www.ravenstyling.com.

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