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La Boite Cafe, Austin TX

Thinking Outside La Boîte

There are certain foods that, despite their unanimous appeal, are virtually unattainable in some areas of the country. Austin certainly does not lack in the breakfast taco department. Likewise, we are fortunate to have a fantastic selection of Vietnamese food.

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Music Matters: Elizabeth Mitchell’s SUNNY DAYS

Austin City Limits has long wrapped up, and we were lucky to connect with Elizabeth Mitchell, who performed two days at the Austin Kiddie Limits stage along with her husband Dan Littleton and nine-year-old daughter Storey.

John Shearer

A Better Path: J.K.Livin’ Foundation

Dead-end jobs. Seemingly inescapable poverty. Illness and obesity. Dysfunctional relationships. These are the norm for many disadvantaged youth.  Many grow up believing that their options in life are limited and that their lot in life was predetermined due to individual […]


Raven Styling

Austin’s vibrant fashion scene is growing, and local designers are popping up everywhere with new creations. Now, one eco-minded designer is launching a styling company with the vision to give back to the Austin community while providing men and women […]


Sushi Restaurant Promotes Healthy Eating for Children

How do you roll? a maki sushi bar will distribute 25,000 Free Kid’s meal cards in early December to Austin schools, daycares, museums, and after school programs.

Mother teaching children how to cook

Gluten Free Fun

Article by Sandra Rascon
Living gluten free for both adults and children can be an exciting time to discover the simple joys of fun foods and happier days ahead.  While many persons newly diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or wheat […]


Pay It Forward – Give Realty

Article by Laurie Loew
“Eat your vegetables…Chew with your mouth closed….Count your blessings…”  Like so many other children, I was raised hearing this from my parents. That and to drop a few dollars in the collection plate every Sunday. Growing up, […]


Tor Hyams – The Musical Magician Behind Austin Kiddie Limits

Story by Brent King and Lene Saint-Orens. Photos by Tor Hyams/Austin Kiddie Limits
For The Live Music Capital of the World, nothing’s bigger than the three-day musical feast served up by the Austin City Limits Festival. More than 60,000 wristband-clad people […]


And the Award goes to… A look at the Austin Film Festival

Every child has a dream. Whether it’s to become a star athlete, a scientist, a doctor or a lawyer, a dentist, or maybe a pilot, the path can be found within the textbooks of public education. But what about the ones who dream of becoming a screenwriter, or a filmmaker, where do they look?

Cute Kid

When Your Ex Gets the Kids for the Holidays: A How-To Guide

Article by Michelle Savage-Mena
“He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy. But he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity’s sunrise.”
-William Blake
If you have children and are divorced, the holidays can quickly go […]

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