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More Calcium than Dairy? Easy that!

Hemp-Goji Acai Bowl – inspired by Ani Phyo’s RAW FOOD DESSERT BOOK
Makes 4 Servings.
Acai is a dark purple palm berry from the Amazon in Brazil, and nature’s energy and beauty fruit. Its taste reminds me of dark berries (or red […]

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Top 5 Veggies to grow this Spring

Spring Planting has started weeks ago in our WKA Garden Green House, but now we’re ready to transplant the last of our goods into two of our community gardens, that will feed our Whole Kids Adventure children, and give fresh […]

Urban Patchwork

Farming’s Next Generation

Today’s young farmers don’t want to check out—they want to be part of a community, whether that’s selling micro-greens to restaurants from a city plot or operating a CSA in the burbs. Take Paige Hill, a farmer-turned-designer-turned-farmer who founded and […]

Fall Garden

Foogs – For Our Own Goods

Busy as a bee. It’s a great little saying. The words seem to “buzz” right off the tongue. The imagery is delightful as well—little workers dancing from flower to flower pollinating and making honey. This is certainly an apt phrase […]

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