Whole Kids Sprouts


Article by Rachel Butler – Photo by Lene Saint-Orens

Busy as a bee. It’s a great little saying. The words seem to “buzz” right off the tongue. The imagery is delightful as well—little workers dancing from flower to flower pollinating and making honey. This is certainly an apt phrase for what we have been up to at Whole Kids Adventure lately.

As our first step in the effort to take the community garden and community food co-op goal to a whole new level, Whole Kids Adventure has partnered with FOOGS.org (For Our Own Goods) in a project called Whole Kids Sprouts. Together we have designed a children’s garden, incorporating permaculture principles, sustainability and focusing on elements that are both entertaining and educational. Our aim is to create an outdoor space that will nurture children’s love of nature that will grow into a stewardship in their adult lives.

This first garden installment will serve as the future model for the installment at any WKA School. In our plans, we have created areas that evoke play and creativity, water features, loose texture elements, art, swings, edible plants, different elevations, tree houses and teepees. Throughout all of this, we have stations of conservation and sustainability, rainwater collection, compost pile, mulch beds, and more.

During this design phase, we are also beginning to develop the curriculum for the student community garden. It is truly amazing to think about how a garden can be used as a teaching environment for most subjects. From math to biology to civics, the list really is endless and the impact it can have on a child’s life is priceless.

We are now gearing up to welcome the community to join in our mission, and we’d like to extend our call for volunteers. All skill sets are welcome, including teachers, artists, photographers, gardening enthusiasts, landscape gurus, and creative, nature-loving children of course.

A Volunteer Day will be scheduled for mid-October, and we are so excited to bring the community together and share our resources with you all. Do you know how to build a treehouse, a chicken coop, or how about a teepee? We’d love to hear from you and share your knowledge and passion with our families.

As you may have read in our last issue, Whole Kids Sprouts is eager to install unique swings in our community gardens, so we are calling all artists to come help us finish the swing project after our children have decorated them.

Whatever it is you would love to contribute, be it your time, skills, compassion for our movement, or love—we welcome it all and can’t wait to hear from you! Whole Kids Sprouts is designed to provide long-term benefits to our community, so we hope to incorporate as many members of the community as possible in its development. Contact us at info@wholekidsadventure.org to find out how to plug in to make a difference.



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