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Fit To The Core

Exercise and especially yoga is a well-known way to cleanse yourself of everyday stress and detoxify your body. However, FIT TO THE CORE, a studio located in West Austin, is taking it a couple steps further with a very unique exercise class, called anti-gravity yoga.

Founded by Travis Shrader and his wife Sarah Shrader, FIT TO THE CORE opened in 2010 in the Hall Plastic Surgery Center in West Austin, where Sarah works as registered nurse.

The original purpose of the class is to repair both body and the mind with various yoga poses and stretches—with an added twist to a time-honored exercise routine. The equipment is simply a hammock suspended from the ceiling in order to aid and enhance each pose.

The realigning suspension of this type of yoga allows the practitioner to invert into upside-down poses and get into deep stretches in a supported environment.

After its beginnings in the field of aerial acrobatics in the ‘90s, the practice grew as a yoga fitness program in New York. In NYC, Travis and his wife Sarah, became trained in Anti-Gravity Yoga, which uses silk materials, creating a hammock suspended several feet off the ground that yogis utilize to work specific muscle groups, without the compression of gravity.

For those who think “Cirque de Soleil”, and fear that only professional yogis and artists can keep up, you might just be surprised. We spent a recent Saturday checking into the new location and brought along the kids (after all, we were promised swinging in hammocks) and had so much fun!

“It’s not about perfection, and more about slowing yourself down and taking time to truly focus on each of the body parts,” said Travis.

According to Travis, yoga is generally about focusing on the muscles, but the specially made movements combined with the stretchy hammocks help students reach down even deeper. When children are involved (and we recommend ages 6+), it’s more about fun and creating room for exploring new ways to be active, while listening to your body and practicing movements combined with stretching.

Besides being good for the whole body, anti-gravity yoga is a soothing way to de-stress. In-between stretches and some challenging moves were poses that focus on breathing and relaxing the mind. And if you’re only six years old, you might just swing across the room and feel like a trapeze artist!

Suitable for beginners who may need a little extra help, anti-gravity yoga is also challenging enough for advanced practitioners looking for a change of pace and perfect for children ages 6+.

To find out about classes at Fit To The Core, go to www.fittothecoreaustin.com, or call 512-751-8080. Fit To The Core is located at 300 Beardsley Ln Bldg C, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78746.

Individual classes are $18, $30 starting for personal lessons.
Article and Photo by Lene Saint-Orens


  1. Zoe says:

    Thanks for this feature. I’ve been active in the anti-gravity yoga community for some time and it has benefited my health so much! Can’t wait to see more features about yoga, and keeping a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Paul says:

    Hey, I’m from NYC and I’m going to Anti-Gravity Yoga about once a week. I love the article and that you include kids. If I’m in Austin I’ll be sure and try their studio!


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