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Musicians Love Bandromeda

Okay, music lovin’ Austinites, grab your laptops and chai lattes and prepare to launch the hottest new website on the “internets.” The site is called Bandromeda – a new dynamic social space where bands interact with their fans. What does the name mean? The name Bandromeda is an allusion to the Galaxy, Andromeda.

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Old Settlers

Old Settler’s Music Festival Recap 2011

Springtime in Central Texas was made for music festivals, sunshine, and family fun. The Old Settler’s Music Festival provided plenty of each as the event celebrated its 24thanniversary in Driftwood, TX, with a wide array of musical artists and enthusiastic fans.


Iron-Deficiency Anemia — Survival Tips from a Pregnant Lady

I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and so far so good. That is, unless you count my on-again, off-again anti-love affair with anemia. You see, I’ve recently learned that in spite of my many well-intended steps, including acupuncture, iron supplements, pre-natal vitamins, and…

DIY Kombucha

Kombucha: The BIY (Brew-It-Yourself) Guide

Those who are supporters of kombucha, the fermented elixir with a laundry list of purported healing powers, have more options than ever. The “enlightened” version of Synergy is now back on the shelves, after being removed for being a bit.. too fermented for the tea aisle

Patricia Vonne

Patricia Vonne — Worth It

Texas born and bred singer songwriter Patricia Vonne has proven herself a truly transcendent musical artist. One of 10 children, Vonne’s creative and loving family nurtured her musical talents from a very young age.

Nano Whitman

Nano Whitman

After a childhood filled with evenings listening to his mother playing folk songs by Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary on the guitar, and having a trumpet-playing father, it’s hard to imagine Nano Whitman not becoming a musician.

The Self Worth Project

The Self Worth Project

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been made to feel unloved, unconfident, incapable, unloveable, or invisible? Is there something about you know one knows about that you feel ashamed of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Informed Consent

Making Informed Choice When Pregnant and Giving Birth

Being pregnant is an exciting time in a woman’s life. Whether it’s your first or third, it brings anticipation, joy, and sometimes fear. As a Doula and childbirth educator, I am constantly surrounded by pregnant women, many of their stories are the same, and some are quite different.

milk + honey

The Land of milk + money

One urban spa experience that should not be missed is a day at milk + honey spa. Both the downtown location, on Colorado St. between 2nd and 3rd, and the spa at the Hill Country Galleria make enjoying a little stay-cation simple and relaxing.

Viva Day Spa

An Organic Experience at Viva Day Spa

Set aside a couple of those cherished hours of yours, grab your BFF and your flip flops and get ready to set your dial to ‘blissed out’ at Viva Day Spa. The locally owned spa, owned by three women, has two beautiful locations in Austin.

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