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That I Wish To Be

Every day at 12:10, I walk across the schoolyard to the fourth grade portables outside Metz Elementary School. I open up four different classroom doors and simply proceed to nod my head. No words are spoken and none are needed. […]

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Austin Says Cheese

As simultaneously luxurious and convenient as it is to have such high quality grocery stores within the reach of our fingertips, I sometimes wish for simpler times…when bread was purchased from the bakery, meat from the butcher, and cheese from the local cheese shop.


Thespian Summer

Recently, Whole Kids Lifestyle had the great opportunity to interview Megan Fullen, Community Relations Manager to Theater Action Project. Below, Megan answers questions regarding her personal motivation for being a part of TAP, the programs available, upcoming events, and how […]


Jump for Joy

On any given week day after 3pm, you can watch from the sidelines as coach Doug Bug and other acrobatic staff members inspire your little ones to take over the gymnasium while turning into frogs, dragons or dolphins for a […]


Jam Sessions

Five minutes remain until my daughter’s first drum lesson begins. We walk up to a charming house on 49 ½ Street and are immediately drawn in by a child giggling and steady drumbeat accompanied by a piano. Jules and I […]


Soul Food

This time of year really starts to chap my hide. We get a few days of sun, and all of the sudden, I want to roll the windows down, blast some Gram Parsons, and hit the highway for a fun […]


Pay It Forward

Upon hearing the words “pay it forward,” what most likely comes to mind is a movie starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment, where Trevor McKinney, a young 12 year-old, believes in the goodness of human nature. Like […]


Pediatric Tuina

I have two-and-a-half year old twin boys: Daniel and Jack. While Jack, my smaller one, was three months old, he suffered from colic following breastfeeding almost once a day. When he was in pain, he would cry, and his belly […]


La Condesa

There is more to La Condesa than meets the eye- and the palate. Behind the scenes, Chef Rene Ortiz has combined his love of healthy wholesome food with his commitment to sustaining the environment to create a truly remarkable restaurant […]


Bee Sweet

”Sorry girls,” says Christophe Vain to his honey bees as he separates one of the frames in his Kenyan-style hive at the Heritage Community Garden in Georgetown. “You’ve got to learn to build it straight,” he chides them gently as […]

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